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Preserving Our Environment and Natural Resources

The beauty and wonder of the Lowcountry environment and natural resources are beyond compare. Protecting the environment and conserving our natural resources are ideals that were instilled in me at a young age through my long-term involvement with and advancement through the Boy Scouts of America. I still carry those ideals with me today! Protecting our natural resources and preserving the beauty of the Lowcountry for generations to come is, and always has been, one of my top priorities and it should be a top priority for all residents of the Lowcountry.

Supporting Our Public Schools

Improving our public schools is not a political issue that is exclusive to South Carolinians with children. A top-notch public educational system benefits all residents of the Lowcountry and South Carolina as a whole. Exceptionally educated students give rise to an exceptionally educated workforce that then bolsters economic development by helping our local businesses to grow locally and attracting new businesses to move to and invest in our communities. The springboard for this surge of improvement starts with making sure our tax dollars make it to the classrooms where it is needed most instead of being lost in government bureaucracy.

Protecting Your Tax Dollars

Protecting the tax dollars of Lowcountry residents is no just limited to our State’s education spending. You work hard for your money and the taxes you pay should not be lost due to government waste and red tape. Tax revenue is absolutely necessary but those dollars need to be wisely and judicially spent to ensure that your tax dollars go to directly supporting essential services and improving the lives of all South Carolinians.

Addressing and Improving Our Aging Infrastructure

House District 115 is a coastal district consisting of four islands: James, Folly Beach, Kiawah, and Seabrook. Basic infrastructure construction and maintenance is an important issue in any district but issues such as ingress and egress access, draining, flooding, and sewage treatment are critically important when you live on an island. Our infrastructure is aging and in constant need of maintenance and improvement. Our local municipalities are doing their best to address the issues with the resources they have available but typically find themselves fixing immediate problems without address an entire system. Significant financial and regulatory assistance from the Legislature is absolutely essential if we want to plan for and implement systemic infrastructure improvements to address our current needs as well as future environmental and population changes.

Bolstering Our Economy

Individuals and business owners alike are currently struggling financially due to lost jobs, shuttered businesses, and an uncertain outlook of what the future after COVID-19 may hold. The primary focus of all governments and elected officials has to be helping to get our businesses open and residents back to work while also focusing on the health and safety of all individuals. These ideas are not mutually exclusive, protecting the health and well-being of our population is achievable without forcibly shutting down our businesses and economy.

Preserving Our Island Neighborhoods

The Lowcountry is a special place and I am thrilled to be raising my three children on James Island. James Island, Folly Beach, Kiawah, and Seabrook all have a unique “neighborhood” feel while being nestled in the larger metropolitan area of Charleston. That feeling is what drew me to James Island and why I chose to establish my family here. Protecting and fostering the close relationship between neighbors, the safety of our families, and the abundance of community events on our islands is critical to preserving the character of James Islands, FOlly Beach, Kiawah, and Seabrook for generations to come.